✨ Explore 100K+ items available to rent for any occasion. Explore Now
✨ Explore 100K+ items available to rent for any occasion - Explore Now

Rent the Latest Looks for Less!

Looking for trendy pieces that won’t break the bank? Look no further than your neighbors’ closets! Rent high-quality clothing and accessories from some of the hottest brands and designers in the industry, all at affordable prices.

How to Rent

Find your perfect piece

Discover 60k+ items from your favorite closets, brands, and curated collections!

Pick your rental period

You can rent for as little as 1 day and up to 4 weeks!

Choose delivery options

We offer same-day local delivery through our courier service (think DoorDash, but for clothes!), in-person exchanges with the lender, or nationwide shipping!

Get approved

The lender will accept your offer and you'll be all set with your perfect 'fit!


Discount Chic

Wear a high-end designer piece for 80-90% OFF of the retail value.

Fashion Fusion

Access to a wide variety of clothing and accessories for any occasion!

Quick Delivery

Convenient and quick same day delivery for any last minute outfit needs!

Style Share

Shop sustainably by renting instead of buying new (no stress about a one time wear)!

Ready to Rent?

Let’s get started and download the Pickle app!

Rent Out Your Closet with Pickle

Think about all of the beautiful garments you’d love to share! Rent out your trendiest pieces to make money on them between wears :)

How to Lend

Click closet tab

Simply click "add item" to get your closet started!

Add details

Elevate your listings by adding photos, a description, and a competitive price to help renters shop!

Share  to collections

Expand your reach by sharing your item to our curated collections.

Accept /Decline/Counter

Manage incoming offers easily with the power to Accept, Counter-offer, or Decline!


Closet Cash

Side hustle!! Make recurring income off of items in your closet

Smart Spending

Justify purchase decisions since you can make money back on your pieces!

Embrace Sustainability

Support a circular economy and sustainable platform

Renting Reimagined

Use your Pickle earnings to rent pieces from other people!

Ready to Lend?

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Threads to Your Doorstep

Our door-to-door courier delivery makes Pickle a true extension of your own closet! Instead of walking to your closet to pick something out you can grab it off your front door.

How Delivery works

Pickle Delivery

A delivery rep will pick up an item directly from the owner and deliver it to the renter.

Hand Off

The exchange is coordinated between the owner and the renter.


Rentals are shipped using prepaid USPS Priority shipping labels.


Express Wardrobe

Same day, last minute delivery
available among closets in your city / neighborhood!

Free Handoff

Option to use the FREE Hand Off method :)

Tailored Timings

Flexible delivery time slots that you get to select!

Instant Weekend Wardrobe

Get an item within the hour! Perfect for Thursday or Friday night

Ready to Rent/Lend your Closets?

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How are items protected?

Your items are always protected under our Pickle Protection Policy.  
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What if my rental doesn't fit?

If your rental doesn't fit, you can request a potential refund from the Lender in Pickle Credits.
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What is the cleaning policy?

Pickle leaves cleaning preferences fully up to Lenders.
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How does same day delivery work?

Pickle uses couriers to deliver local rentals to your door and can do delivery on the same day (as soon as 1 hour after placing your order).
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What if I return my rental late?

Late fees are charged on a daily prorated-basis (ie. $50 rental / 7 would be $7.14 in fees) and charged each day until a return is completed.
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